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About Mavala Kolhapur

Mavala in the land of Maharashtra who became a king like Shivchhatrapati, the king who inspired the world; Knights ‘Mavale’ were formed in this soil to protect the Ryot with the help of the same king.
Mavala Kolhapur is the organisation that follows their ideals.

Mavala Kolhapur is a platform created by well-educated youth from all walks of life under the leadership of Umesh Powar. Mavala Kolhapur is an organisation which has given a lot of publicity to ShivJayanti by conducting social awareness campaign so that ShivJayanti should be celebrated everywhere on 19th February. Mawla contributed immensely to the rescue of the people from the catastrophic floods that struck Kolhapur at both times. During the Covid period, prostitute’s help their sister’s in the form of food grains. Adjusted financial maths for those who need to start a small business. Also, while beds were not available to patients during the Covid crisis, Mavala kolhapur set up his own well-equipped Covid Hospital. Mavala Kolhapur is an organisation that runs in the joys and sorrows of the people of Kolhapur.

That is why “Mavala Kolhapur” is an organisation working for the welfare of the society on the same motto of “Heritage Thoughts, Action Awareness”.

Our Moto

“Legacy/Inheritance/Heritage Thoughts, Action Awareness/Consciousness”
Inheritance Thinking, Act of Conscious Inheritance of Thoughts, Consciousness Action Inheritance of Thoughts , Action Consciously

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